“I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written.”

Juansen Dizon


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Welcome to Sunrise Wellness

A sunrise is one of the most majestic spectacles we can ever witness. Its beauty is a powerful force, one capable of imparting its warmth on the most hardened of souls. It inspires, it energizes, it renews, it gives hope. In the people we work with, we see the sunrise, we see the inspiration and the hope. We look forward to hearing your story and helping you find the strength and renewal that may be covered by darkness.

We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness. – Sapna Reddy


We see clients both in person and through Teletherapy.

Andrea Hendel, MA, LMFT
Andrea Hendel, MA, LMFTFounder / Therapist
Mikaela Ward, MA
Mikaela Ward, MATherapist
Erin Holznagel, MA, LAMFT
Erin Holznagel, MA, LAMFTTherapist
Kacie Allen, MA
Kacie Allen, MATherapist
Michelle Rosenau, LPCC
Michelle Rosenau, LPCCTherapist
Laura Sosalla, MA
Laura Sosalla, MATherapist
Kyle Severson
Kyle SeversonTherapist, Intern
We all need help and support when going through life’s difficult times. The therapeutic alliance with the therapist is a very important component of successful therapy. I specialize in depression, anxiety, divorce, trauma, stress, and feeling overwhelmed in life. I have non-judgement, solution focused, strength based approach with Christian integration upon request. My goal in therapy is to create a safe place to talk about thoughts and feelings to explore solutions. I believe clients deserve the autonomy to make decisions and find solutions to build resiliency in their future.

I enjoy working with adults to increase coping skills with daily life stressors. Therapeutic interventions I use include cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing.

I had a 23 year career as a first responder, have served in the military, and have a passion working with individuals within these communities. I understand the challenges and stigmas individuals face when seeking counseling. I believe it takes a lot of courage to ask for help and look forward to working with you.

Jessie Schlieman, MA, LMFT
Jessie Schlieman, MA, LMFTTherapist
Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, MS
Hayley Pierce-Ramsdell, MSTherapist
Hayley (she/they) became a therapist because she believes in the power of being heard, seen, and appreciated for living our most authentic selves. Often, folks navigate life without having the possibility to embrace how brilliant, capable, and resilient they truly are until they are given the opportunity to explore their own strengths and share their story. She maintains that every person has an innate sense of worthiness and is shaped by the world and people around them. Hayley is driven by walking alongside clients as they identify where they are, where they have been, and begin to move towards where they want to be.

Hayley utilizes concepts and techniques from systemic, humanistic, mind-body, cognitive-behavioral, and trauma-informed perspectives. She is trained in utilizing Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to support her client’s in processing and making meaning out of challenging past experiences.She is also an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) trainer and has a strong passion for deepening our understanding of suicide and expanding our ability to talk about it. Hayley approaches counseling from an integrative perspective because each client has their own story and ways of navigating life’s challenges.

Hayley specializes in working with law enforcement, first responders, veterans and their families. She not only provides individual, couples, and family therapy, but also enjoys providing wellness check-ins and training to law enforcement and first responders. Hayley also works with folks across the lifespan (ages 13+) and particularly enjoys working with LGBTQ+ teens and young adults in her practice. Clients can expect therapy with Hayley to be compassionate, direct, full of movie references, sitting in ‘the sh*t’ when needed, and a few giggles along the way. When not at work, Hayley enjoys giving car concerts free-of-charge to passing drivers, walking outside, spending time with her four-legged son, and doing art sh*t.

Bridget Cup, MA, LAMFT
Bridget Cup, MA, LAMFTTherapist
I am passionate about my work as a therapist and take seriously my role and responsibility in guiding clients towards their goals. My direct communication style, friendly disposition and structured approach to therapy, allows my clients to feel at ease quickly and make progress in areas they desire to make change. I have experience and enjoy working with a variety of clientele including teens, adults, couples and families. Areas of passion include working with first responders, grief and loss, couples in crisis, teens and women seeking support throughout periods of transition.
Ehlan Thompson, MA, LMFT
Ehlan Thompson, MA, LMFTTherapist
Ehlan is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a Master’s Degree from the University of St. Thomas. She has been providing individual therapy for children ages 3-18 for the past 18 years. Ehlan has worked in a variety of clinical settings including schools, outpatient clinics, in-home services, and residential treatment facilities.

Ehlan believes that parents/guardians are an integral part of working with children, and incorporates parenting support and check-ins as a regular part of the therapy process. Ehlan primarily provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and maintains a solution-focused direction throughout therapy sessions.

Ehlan has received specialized training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and 0-5 Mental Health. She enjoys working with children of all ages, and has experience working with a variety of diagnoses and problem areas including but not limited to anxiety, depression, Autism, AD/HD, behavioral problems.

Ehlan works out of our Isanti clinic.

Deborah Ruyman, MSW, LICSW
Deborah Ruyman, MSW, LICSWTherapist
I have worked with children and adolescents for over 10 years in a variety of settings (outpatient, day treatment, school). As an outpatient therapist, I work with kids ages 5 and up. I enjoy teaching kids/teens about emotional regulation, effective communication, problem solving skills, and coping strategies to support their overall well being.

I would describe my approach to therapy as eclectic, drawing from various theories/styles to meet client needs. I like to utilize games, activities, videos, and books to engage and motivate clients toward reaching their goals. I encourage parent involvement and collaborate with others (teachers, case managers, etc.) to gain insight and promote growth across settings.

While I may appear laid-back and tend to use humor, I am also very passionate about mental health. My goal as a therapist is to create an environment where others feel they are heard and that they matter. I strive to be understanding, respectful, and supportive to the kids I serve, as well as their parents.

Scott Ramsdell, MS
Scott Ramsdell, MSTherapist
The humans that I work with experience things that other humans only see in the movies. These experiences stick with them whether they admit it or not. This stickiness does not usually bother them at first, but as time goes on, it begins to bother them more. This worsens as they continue in their careers and have additional similar experiences. Unfortunately, these individuals tend to avoid seeking support until the effects of these experiences begin to derail their lives. Typically, it is at this point when they find me. I work exclusively with first responders and veterans. My clients have a wide breadth of experience that ranges from the first day recruit to the retired.
Prior to being a therapist, I spent fourteen years as an officer for the Minneapolis Police Department. During my time in uniform, I witnessed and experienced firsthand the stress involved in “doing the job.” In addition to being an officer, I also have over thirty years of experience working in the health and wellness industry. This unique background allows me to utilize Exercise Psychotherapy as a primary means of helping people move forward. This approach intentionally combines exercise and psychotherapy which can occur in-session and simultaneously.
I know that no single approach is the right one for every individual, so I have received additional training in a variety of modalities. These include Brainspotting, Trauma-Focused CBT, Simplified Emotional Freedom Techniques, Mindfulness, and other integrative wellness-based intervention strategies.
My educational background includes an AS in Integrative Health and Healing, a BS is Kinesiology, Sociology, and Rhetoric and a MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have multiple health and wellness certifications including being a currently certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist and a life coach. If you are looking for something different, and are ready to do the work, come see me.
Dr Brad Houghton, PsyD, LP
Dr Brad Houghton, PsyD, LPPsychologist/Therapist
The journey within is both enlightening and uncomfortable. As a psychologist, I view my role to support and challenge you on this endeavor. This can include individual, couple and family therapy. While starting at a cognitive behavioral base, I utilize an eclectic approach so there can other interventions, including EMDR and clinical hypnosis. The goal is to let you lead the way with us working as team towards the goal(s) you desire.
Psychological evaluations are also something I do. These are often helpful to clarify diagnoses and enhance treatment planning. These consist of a clinical interview and then utilizing specific tests to focus in on the original question. I feel strongly that we look at strengths as well as growth opportunities to help with treatment planning. One area of focus I am utilizing is Therapeutic Assessment.
I am fully licensed as a clinical psychologist and adhere to APA guidelines and ethics.
Denise Urmann, MA
Denise Urmann, MATherapist
I am empathetic, accepting, and caring. My approach to therapy involves my core values of authenticity and honesty. I want every client to feel heard and know that they are valued. Authenticity and honesty are two of my top values in life, these qualities are key components of the therapeutic relationship. I believe in providing a safe, collaborative, and client-centered space where you can achieve your goals!

I have experience working with individuals and families in a variety of settings with a unique interest in helping people who experience trauma and addiction challenges. I use a systemic perspective to address concerns and integrate different treatment modalities to meet the individual needs of my clients.

With 15+years in law enforcement, I am uniquely qualified to work with anyone in the emergency services field. I know that coming to therapy is an act of courage and vulnerability; I honor this courage and walk alongside clients as they work towards progress.

Individual & Family Therapy

Whether you are planning to be married, preparing to have a baby, or moving toward retirement, adjustments to these and other stressors can seem overwhelming. We work with males and females ages 16 and up to address anything from transitional changes to larger, more stressful or chronic situations.

Trauma & Stress Therapy

We specialize in working with people who have experienced highly stressful or traumatic events in their lives. We work with individuals, couples, police officers and other first responders/public service employees. Sometimes these are single event episodes and other times the events have drawn out over a long period of time and built up for a cumulative effect.

Professional Supervision

Andrea, Bruce and Michelle provide supervision for LPCC and LMFT licensure track and provide onsite practicum and internship opportunities. Andrea is an EMDR approved consultant. We find that mentoring and supervising new and developing professionals is empowering and is an opportunity to continue growing skills as a seasoned therapists’.

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We’re available Monday through Friday and have specific office hours with all therapists on staff. If you need an appointment outside of normal office hours, please let us know and we will do our best to work around it or refer you to someone who can.